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We're so glad you've found us! If you're here, you've probably finished writing a firstor fifthdraft of your book, and now you're wonderingwhat's next? Maybe you have self-publishing in mind, or maybe you're planning to search for an agent to represent your book to publishers. Maybe you're a poet looking for workshop-level feedback on a group of poems or a complete manuscript. Or maybe you're looking for one-on-one writing coaching for your in-progress novel, short stories, or poetry. No matter what, you're ready to take the next step to prepare your work to shine. That's what we're here for. Take some time to review our service list. Then, please fill out the brief form via the "get started" button below the category that's right for you, and you'll be on your way!

Services for Fiction Writers

To inquire about any of our services for fiction writers, please fill out the brief form via the "get started" button below, and you'll be on your way! We'll be back in touch with instructions for submitting your manuscript soon, usually within 2 business days.

Editorial Blueprint $90

Many of our services for fiction writers (The Big Picture through The Final Polish, or any combination thereof) begin with an Editorial Blueprint. You'll send us your manuscript, and we'll provide an editorial plan of action for your book, outlining what Copper Lantern would address if we worked together. In other words, keeping your editorial goals at the forefront, Copper Lantern Studio would recommend the type of editing that would most benefit your project, from developmental editing for big picture concerns like plot and character development to line editing to polishing up the nitty-gritty details. The Blueprint is like a mini editorial letter. It will outline the service fee for the proposed editing work, a schedule for completion, and examples of the kinds of edits you would receive. An Editorial Blueprint is $90 and generally takes a week to complete following submission of your manuscript.

The $90 fee for the Editorial Blueprint is paid up front and is deducted from the fee of the editorial service that will be provided if we work together. If you do decide to work with Copper Lantern, you'll know before we start exactly what you'll be receiving, and how the edits will be tailored to your manuscript. And if you don't decide to work with us, you'll leave with an editorial assessment of your manuscript, and we'll have been compensated for our time in reviewing and assessing your work.

The Big Picture: Developmental Edit

(Starting at $600. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and complexity.)

A developmental edit is perfect for a manuscript that is complete but hasn't yet received extensive feedback from other writers or from a professional editor. You've drafted and revised to the best of your ability, but now you need some direction to take the manuscript to the next level. With a developmental edit, you'll receive an editorial letter which covers big picture topics like structure, characterization, voice, plot, setting, and pacing. The Big Picture does not involve line editing or comments on the manuscript itself, but rather provides you with workshop-level editorial feedback to guide your revision process. If you wish, you can decide to start with a developmental edit to get your big picture ducks in order, and then move to The In-Depth Treatment next, after you've revised to implement the developmental changes from your editorial letter.

The In-Depth Treatment: Content/Line Edit

(Starting at $1,200. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and editorial complexity.)

Content or "line" editing is perfect for a manuscript that has previously been workshopped or critiqued by other writers for big picture issues, and revised to the best of your ability. It's also perfect for a manuscript that has been revised following The Big Picture treatment through Copper Lantern Studio or following developmental feedback from another editor.

The In-Depth Treatment is a comprehensive editing package consisting of detailed edits and comments on the manuscript itself. You’ll also receive a short editorial letter, which further details the line edits on the manuscript. Our goal is to address areas that need editorial attention by both giving you in-line examples and also providing you with feedback that you can apply throughout the manuscript and in your future writing. Much more comprehensive than copyediting or proofreading, The In-Depth Treatment will address writing elements like voice, dialogue, structure, characterization, and pacing—the elements that all need to come together in order for your book to shine, whether you're planning to query agents, submit to small presses, or self-publish.

The Book Doctor: Ghost Editing

(Starting at $1,500. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and editorial complexity.)

Ghost Editing is right for the writer who has completed a manuscript and now wants to turn it over to an expert editor to take it to the next level of greatness. Maybe you've received feedback on your manuscript and you have no idea how to implement it. Or maybe revising isn't your strong suit, and you'd rather leave that "fixer" work to an editor. You're not interested in editorial feedback so much as in getting things right. With Ghost Editing, we'll go in-depth with content edits, doing the heavy lifting to make your manuscript polished both grammatically and stylistically. For example, instead of highlighting ways to sharpen the dialogue, we'll go ahead and sharpen it for you throughout. With Ghost Editing, we'll keep your voice always in the forefront while we comprehensively line edit your work. You'll receive a document edited with Track Changes in MS Word, so you'll be able to see all the work we've done.

The Nitty-Gritty Details: Basic Copy Edit

(Starting at $900. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and editorial complexity.)

Copyediting is perfect for the manuscript that has been revised to the point of both big picture and in-depth greatness and now needs close attention to the copy editor's "5 C's": making sure the manuscript is clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. With The Nitty-Gritty Details, your manuscript will receive close sentence-level attention to spelling, grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, syntax, tense agreements, and overall inconsistencies—while remaining true to your voice. We'll also fact check any elements of the manuscript that raise questions of accuracy.

The Final Polish: Proofreading

(Starting at $700. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and editorial complexity.)

Perfect for the manuscript that you're about to self-publish—before you hit that upload button. Your manuscript has been revised and edited to near-perfection—now you just need a fresh set of eyes to give it a careful review for typographical errors, grammar, sentence structure, and formatting before you publish.

Services for Querying Writers

So you're getting ready to query agents? Congratulations! That's a big step right there, and it can take a lot of polishing to get your materials in tip-top, query-ready shape. To inquire about any of our services for querying writers, please fill out the brief form via the "get started" button below, and you'll be on your way! We'll be back in touch with instructions for submitting your materials soon, usually within 2 business days.

Query Letter Review + Edit

($45 for up to three reads of a completed draft or $75 for brainstorming/structuring help + two rounds of edits)

Writing a successful query letter is no easy feat! Whether you're just getting started and need some guidance on how to approach your query, or whether you've been querying for a while without much luck, we can help. We can address your query in two ways, depending on what best suits your needs.

Option one: you can send us your completed query letter draft, and we'll do up to three rounds of edits. The first with lots of editorial comments, questions, and ideas; the second with targeted feedback on your revisions; and the third to polish up the writing to perfection.

Option two: If you need some help getting started, we can help you brainstorm and structure your first draft, and then do two rounds of edits: the first with targeted feedback on your draft, and the second to polish up the writing to perfection.

Sample Page Review + Edit

First 10 pages, first 25 pages, or first 3 chapters (up to 30 pages)
(Rates range from $30-$90 depending on the sample length you choose)

Many agents will ask to see sample pages along with your query letter. Even if they don't, if they like your query, they'll be requesting your full or partial manuscript next—and your opening pages have to really shine for that agent to keep reading. The Sample Page Review includes a one-page letter assessing the sample's strengths and weaknesses along with suggested line edits. You can choose to have us review your first 10 pages, your first 25 pages, or your first 3 chapters (up to 30 pages)—whichever will be the most helpful to you!

Synopsis Review + Edit

($75 for help crafting a 2-page double-spaced synopsis. Includes three rounds of edits. Reduced rate for polishing an already refined synopsis that just needs a fresh set of eyes.)

At some point during your querying journey, you will be asked for a synopsis, that most dreaded of writing exercises. How do you get an overview of your entire novel into 2 double-spaced pages? And make sure you hook the reader? With the Synopsis Review + Edit, we can help you craft an effective synopsis that outlines your story's beginning, middle, and end while also striking the right chords with voice and tone. First, you'll take a stab at a draft and send it our way. Then, we'll do up to three rounds of edits: the first with editorial comments, questions, and ideas; the second with targeted feedback on your revisions; and the third to polish up the writing to perfection.

Already have a fairly refined synopsis and just need polishing help? We can do that, too.

Full Agent Query Package

(Rates range from $95 - $210 depending on your specific needs)

We'll help you sharpen all the materials you'll need to begin querying. The Full Agent Query Package includes the Query Letter Review + Edit, the Sample Pages Review + Edit, and the Synopsis Review + Edit.

Services for Poets

Enrolling in a workshop or joining a critique group can be a great way for poets to get feedback on their work, however not everyone has access to an in-person class or the desire to enroll in a formal writing program. Fortunately, individual feedback can also be highly valuable. At Copper Lantern Studio, we love working with poets. Kit holds an MFA in creative writing with a poetry focus from Syracuse University and regularly edits and publishes poetry as a Senior Editor at Black Lawrence Press. She is happy to bring her background in writing, teaching, and publishing poetry to her work at Copper Lantern Studio.

To inquire about any of our services for poets, please fill out the brief form via the "get started" button below, and you'll be on your way! We'll be back in touch with instructions for submitting your work soon, usually within 2 business days.

Critiques of Individual Poems or Small Groups of Poems

(From $15 - $50 depending on length, normally 1-6 pages)

Your critique will combine line-level editorial suggestions with overall revision strategies, often centered around questions that the poet can consider to work toward a successful revision.

Manuscript Critiques (Chapbook or Full-Length)

(From $175 - $300 depending on length)

Your critique will combine big picture revision strategies, including suggestions for sequencing and organizing, with line-level editorial suggestions. We can also provide help with considering a strategy for submission to contests and open reading periods, if that is among your goals for the manuscript.

Application Sample Critiques

($95 for a 10-12 page sample)

Applying to an MFA or MA program for poetry? For application sample critiques, we'll first help poets select and order their strongest work from an initial batch of 20 poems. We'll then line edit and help you fine tune the final 10-12 page sample.

Other Services

Private Writing Coaching

(Starting at $90/hour)

Want feedback on your fiction or poetry over a period of weeks or months? Maybe you're working on a series of short stories or a novel, and you'd like to get feedback story by story or chapter by chapter. Maybe you want feedback on your poetry over time, and you're more interested in developing as a poet than you are in putting together a collection. Private coaching is tailored to your needs and can involve individualized reading and writing assignments, weekly or bi-weekly feedback on your work, and advice on next steps toward publication.

Contact us at kit@copperlanternstudio.com to discuss if coaching might be a good fit for you. Mention "Private Writing Coaching" in the subject line of your email.