Editorial Blueprint $90

If you have a completed manuscript for which you’re seeking editorial guidance at the developmental and/or content level, we’ll begin with an Editorial Blueprint. You'll send us your manuscript, and we'll provide an editorial plan of action for your book, outlining what Copper Lantern would address if we worked together, keeping your editorial goals at the forefront. The Blueprint is like a mini editorial letter. It will outline the service fee for the proposed editing work, a schedule for completion, and examples of the kinds of edits you would receive. An Editorial Blueprint is $90 and generally takes one to two weeks to complete following submission of your manuscript.

The $90 fee for the Editorial Blueprint is paid up front and is deducted from the fee of the editorial service that will be provided if we work together. If you do decide to work with Copper Lantern, you'll know before we start exactly what you'll be receiving, and how the edits will be tailored to your manuscript. And if you don't decide to work with us, you'll leave with an editorial assessment of your manuscript, and we'll have been compensated for our time in reviewing and assessing your work.