“Working with Kit has been amazing. I can say, without a doubt, that it is the single best investment I have made for myself and for my career as a writer. The feedback I got from her was always on point. I felt understood, supported, taken care of and completely free every step of the way. Her suggestions were insightful and opportune and always respectful of my style, my voice and my story. Kit’s own journey as a writer colors her coaching with experience. She knows where you are because she’s been there.”

—Angie Alvarez, (book coaching client via Author Accelerator, middle grade fantasy)

“When I first began querying agents, I had little idea how to go about it. Kit and Copper Lantern stayed with me for each step, from query letter to synopsis to understanding what an agent wants. We went through several rounds of edits, and Kit's encouraging and astute editor's hand turned my clumsy query into something I could send off without shame. I recommend Copper Lantern to any author, new or experienced.”

—C.A. Sanders (query client, adult fantasy) 

“I have worked with a number of editors in the past, but Kit's editorial blueprint and developmental edit were precisely what I needed to improve my novel. After giving me kudos for the things I got right, she got to the heart of what wasn't working, and then offered helpful suggestions and strategies to tackle my shortcomings. I'm grateful for her help. I know my new book will be about 100 times better thanks to her keen eye and judicious instincts.”

—Karen Rawson (editorial client, young adult fiction)

“As a journalist and writer, I like to encounter and grow faith in good editors. So, I feel fortunate to have found Kit as I work towards completing a first collection of poetry. She has a gift for asking the right questions to help unravel unhelpful knots in my poems. Her feedback notes are always respectful and solution-oriented. Many of the poems Kit helped me with have eventually found homes with reputed literary magazines. I enjoy working with her.”

—Jess Thayil (editorial client, poetry)

“Kit's feedback on my novel draft helped me zero in on the heart of my story, and then to figure out better how one event causes another. With her help, my characters' actions took on more consequence, and the plot became more exciting as a result of those consequences.

Working with Kit was a positive experience because I knew I had a smart, sympathetic reader thinking deeply about my project and wanting to help it grow. She's cheerful, personable, and insightful all at once. I knew I could trust her feedback, and I valued the care she put into offering it.”

—Jack Christian (editorial client, adult literary fiction)

“With Kit’s steady guidance, I have completed a draft novel and am now working with her as I revise. She is both encouraging and direct, with a knack for offering exactly the suggestion I need when I am feeling stuck. I am a much better and more disciplined writer thanks to her.”

—Maryann Gray (book coaching client via Author Accelerator, adult thriller)

“I can't recommend Kit's editorial services enough. She is courteous and professional. Her feedback is thoughtful, useful, and encouraging. And what writer doesn't need encouragement?”

—Sean Harrigan (editorial and private writing coaching client, middle grade fantasy)

"Kit’s Editorial Blueprint allowed her to be upfront and honest about the amount of work my manuscript needed. She came back with a comprehensive editorial letter with details to help establish character and bring clarity to the story. With her keen eye for details and understanding of story, Kit helped to make my solid manuscript sing."

—Lisa Manterfield (editorial client, young adult crossover fiction)

"Kit is a phenomenal editor and I truly believe her revisions took my work to the next level! She starts her process with a round of questions before offering edits. I found this to be extremely helpful for me to identify the holes in my manuscript and query letter, and also gave Kit deeper insights into where the work was headed. After I answered her questions, Kit sent back my work with a round of suggested polished edits. She has a remarkable eye for detail and even tailoring word choices to the tone of my work. Kit also sticks to her timelines and turns revisions around quickly. I am confident that any work Kit reviews will come out skillfully and strategically refined."

—Haley Dix (query client, young adult fiction)