You’re here because you’re planning to pursue a traditional path to publication. Either your goal is to find a literary agent to represent your work to publishers, or you’re planning to submit your work to small or independent presses that may not require you to submit through an agent. Either way, if your goal is to publish your work through a traditional book publisher (as opposed to self-publishing) you’re in the right place.

To inquire about any of our services for fiction writers, please fill out the brief form via the "Get Started" button below, and you'll be on your way! We'll be back in touch with instructions for submitting your manuscript or query materials soon, usually within 2 business days. You’ll find an overview of our services below.

Editorial Blueprint $90

At Copper Lantern, developmental edits begin with an Editorial Blueprint. You'll send us your completed manuscript, and we'll provide an editorial plan of action for your book, outlining what Copper Lantern would address if we worked together. The Blueprint is like a mini editorial letter and proposal rolled into one. It will outline the service fee for the proposed editing work, a schedule for completion, and examples of the kinds of edits you would receive. An Editorial Blueprint is $90 and generally takes one to two weeks to complete following submission of your manuscript.

The $90 fee for the Editorial Blueprint is paid up front and is deducted from the fee of the editorial service that will be provided if we work together. If you do decide to work with Copper Lantern, you'll know before we start exactly what you'll be receiving, and how the edits will be tailored to your manuscript. And if you don't decide to work with us, you'll leave with an editorial assessment of your manuscript, and we'll have been compensated for our time in reviewing your work.

The Big Picture: Developmental Edit

(Starting at $600. Rates vary depending on manuscript length and complexity.)

For writers who plan to pursue traditional publication, a developmental edit is the service we will generally recommend in your Editorial Blueprint.

A developmental edit is perfect for a manuscript that is complete but hasn't yet received extensive feedback from other writers or from a professional editor, or if you’re seeking a fresh set of eyes on your work. You've drafted and revised to the best of your ability, but now you need some direction to take the manuscript to the next level. With a developmental edit, you'll receive an editorial letter which covers big picture topics like structure, characterization, voice, plot, setting, and pacing. The Big Picture does not involve line editing or comments on the manuscript itself, but rather provides you with workshop-level editorial feedback to guide your revision process.

Query Letter Review + Edit

($75 for up to three reads of a completed draft)

So you're getting ready to query agents? Congratulations! That's a big step right there, and it can take a lot of polishing to get your materials in tip-top, query-ready shape. Writing a successful query letter is no easy feat. Kit has been through the query trenches herself, successfully signing her agent via cold querying in 2016, and has since helped over sixty writers take their queries to the next level. Whether you're just getting started and need some guidance on how to approach your query, or whether you've been querying for a while without much luck, we can help.

Here’s how it works: you send us your completed query letter draft, and we'll do up to three rounds of edits. The first with lots of editorial comments, questions, and ideas; the second with line edits and targeted feedback on your revisions; and the third to polish up the writing to perfection.

Sample Page Review + Edit

First 10 pages, first 25 pages, or first 3 chapters (up to 30 pages)
(Rates range from $30-$90 depending on the sample length you choose)

Many agents will ask to see sample pages along with your query letter. Even if they don't, if they like your query, they'll be requesting your full or partial manuscript next—and your opening pages have to really shine for that agent to keep reading. The Sample Page Review includes a one-page letter assessing the sample's strengths and weaknesses along with suggested line edits. You can choose to have us review your first 10 pages, your first 25 pages, or your first 3 chapters (up to 30 pages)—whichever will be the most helpful to you!

Synopsis Review + Edit

($75 for help crafting a 2-page double-spaced synopsis. Includes three rounds of edits. Reduced rate for polishing an already refined synopsis that just needs a fresh set of eyes.)

At some point during your querying journey, you will be asked for a synopsis, that most dreaded of writing exercises. How do you get an overview of your entire novel into 2 double-spaced pages? And make sure you hook the reader? With the Synopsis Review + Edit, we can help you craft an effective synopsis that outlines your story's beginning, middle, and end while also striking the right chords with voice and tone. First, you'll take a stab at a draft and send it our way. Then, we'll do up to three rounds of edits: the first with editorial comments, questions, and ideas; the second with line edits and targeted feedback on your revisions; and the third to polish up the writing to perfection.

Already have a fairly refined synopsis and just need polishing help? We can do that, too.

Full Agent Query Package

(Rates range from $180 - $240 depending on your specific needs)

We'll help you sharpen all the materials you'll need to begin querying. The Full Agent Query Package includes the Query Letter Review + Edit, the Sample Pages Review + Edit, and the Synopsis Review + Edit.